What A Good SEO Consultant Will Do

Once you know what to expect from a good SEO company then it makes everything much easier, so having a greater knowledge of what to look for will help you greatly in your search for a good SEO consultant. We have outlined below what we believe a good consultant for online marketing will do and what methods they will use to get your website into the top pages on Google.

• Firstly when you speak to an SEO consultant the first thing they should be wanting to know is what your website address is so that they can log on to it and have a first-hand look and also what keywords you are going to want it to rank for. They should then be telling you what is wrong with your website and you want to look out for them saying things like, meta description, title tags, keywords and amount of content as these are all key factors for a websites index page.

• Generally speaking they should not be able to quote you a price on the spot unless they have looked into it for a while with you. In our opinion a good SEO consultant will want to go away and have a think about the amount of links that is required, the amount of articles that are needed and also the competitiveness of the keywords you want. Then they should come back with a written quote outlining what you need, why you need it and how long it will take roughly. They can give you an estimate but it is always a good sign if they show that they have researched your website and then come back to you with a detailed answer.

• When talking with a SEO consultant the subject of how long it will take to get a first page Google rank comes up without fail. A good SEO consultant will be honest and not tell you that they guarantee anything and that it will take normally a few months to get the ball moving. Any SEO consultant or company that tells you they can guarantee it or that it will be just a few weeks then they are not being 100% honest with you and you should keep looking.

These are just a few good areas to look out for when looking at getting a search consultant in. To find a SEO company in your area just type SEO and your area into Google and the top ten should see you to what you are looking for. For example if you’re in Wiltshire then type into the Google search bar ‘SEO Wiltshire’ and then the returned results will bring up all the SEO companies in Wiltshire.